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Samvit Garage Equipments Samvit Garage Equipments Samvit Garage Equipments
Samvit Garage Equipments
Four Gas Analyzer Four Gas Analyzer
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Samvit Garage Equipments
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Automobile Workshop Equipments
Samvit Garage Equipments

Engine Decarbonising Machine

  • Can Decarbonize any Petrol/Diesel Engine
  • CRDI compatible
  • Heavy duty digital timer
  • Semi Automatic pressure control
  • No extra electric connection required
  • Internal circuit protector
  • Auto process complete warning and auto off
  • Industrial grade quality hoses and fittings
  • Quick couplers with automatic shut off valves to prevent fluid spillage
  • All valves and QRC's are made in Italy and Germany
  • Easy hands free operations
  • Pressure Gauge : 0-100psi
  • Timer : 99 Minute-Digital
  • Switches : Feathure Touch Keypad
Engine Decarbonising Machine

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

AC Gas Recycling Equipment

The AC service equipment and automotive AC service equipment offered by us is available at competitive prices. Following are the features of our AC Service Equipment.
  • Fast Recovery
  • Recycling of Recovered Gas
  • Efficient Vacuuming of Car AC system by the help of a heavy duty vacuum pump
  • Gas Charging by pressure difference.
  • Automatic air purge.
  • Built-in gauges with quarter turn valves
  • Heavy Duty Vacuum Pump
  • Built-in on charging
  • Electronic charging scale
  • Includes system's oil catch bottle
  • Refillable Refrigerant tank
  • Built-in on charging
  • Electronic charging scale
  • Includes system's oil catch bottle
  • Refillable Refrigerant tank
  • Dimensions : H1170xW635xD560mm (46"x25"x22")
  • Weight (Approx) : 70 kg (155 lbs.with tank)
  • Optimal operating range : irto49oC(50°to120°F)
  • Power source : 50/60 Hz,220V
  • Refrigerant type : R-134a
  • Refrigerant tank(Capacity) : 12.3kg.forR-134A/ 13.6kg.forR-12
  • Recovery rate : 0.2 kg./min.(0.5 Ibs./min.)
  • Scale resolution : 0.01 kg (0.02 lbs.)
  • Vac.Pumpfree air displacement : 100L/M(4cfm)approx
  • Standard Accessories : R134a
  • High side Hose (Red) : 1830 mm
  • Low side Hose (Blue) :1830 mm
  • Tank Hose (Green) : 760 mm
  • Tank Hose (Green) : 760 mm
  • Coupler Low Side : 1No
  • Coupler High Side :1No.
  • Adaptor Kit
  • Refillable Refrigerant Tank : 1No.
AC Gas Recycling Equipment

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

Mig Welding Machine ( 250 AMPs.)

We offer MIG welding machines, which are thyristor and inverter based with switch control. These welding machines have separate as well as in-built wire feeder. Our MIG welding machines are controlled by microprocessor where programs are controlled by single knob control ensuring appropriate voltage for selected welding current. Separate control mode for current and voltage is also available. Our MIG welding machines have easy-to-read and precise current/voltage scale.
  • Applicable for sheet metal applications as well as high-end fabrication
  • Excellent arc characteristics
  • Auto choke for the fine tuning of the welding arc
  • Excellent portability & mobility
  • Voltage preset switch
  • Standard ammeter and voltmeter
  • Modular and compact construction
  • Main Voltage : 3 Phase 400V
  • Fuse : 10 Amp.
  • Consumption Max : 7.5 kW
  • Current Range DC : 20A/14V - 250A/21.5V
  • Voltage Steps : 10
  • Wire spool Capacity : 5 - 15 Kg.
  • Wire Dimension : 0.6 to 1.2 mm
  • Wire Speed : 2 - 12 m/minute
  • Spot Welding Time : 0.04 - 2.5 Sec.
  • Stitch Welding Pulse 0.01 - 2.5 Sec.
  • Stitch Welding Pause : 0.04 - 2.5 Sec.
  • Burn Back Delay : 0.04 - 0.5 Sec.
  • Dimension LxWxH : 77 x 37 x 62 (Cm
  • Total weight : 66 Kg
  • Can weld as thin as 0.4 mm MS sheet
  • Truly compact and weighs only 66 Kg
  • Only machine having current control facility from torch also
  • Only one inductance control covers full current range. No induct. change required
  • Spot, Stitch and continuous welding facility.
  • State - of - art SMD type PCB for step less wire speed control, Improves reliability
  • Protected against overloading
  • Remarkable energy saving compared to stick welding
  • Tested and proven for years all over the world
  • Migatronic technology ensures “Switch-on-Press and Weld” Simplicity
Mig Welding Machine Multi Car Scanner

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

Brake Cum Clutch Bleeder

The air operated 3-chamber brake bleeding device is suitable for bleeding the hydraulic brakes & clutches of all mator vehicles. The pressurized (8-10 bar) air reserve chamber enables several bleeding operation to be carried out without having to recharge the device.

The brake-bleeding device is equipped with an elastic inner membrane which hermetically separates the oil from the air, thus avoiding the risk of emulsion. It is also suitable for system with braking control & ABS (max. At 1 bar)
Brake Cum Clutch Bleeder

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Serving as one-stop-source for all the requirements regarding wet dry vacuum cleaners, we manufacture an assortment of automotive vacuum cleaner, automobile air compressors, automobile vacuum cleaner, wet and dry vacuum cleaners that are offered in various technical specifications. Our wet dry vacuum cleaners are trustworthy and of optimum quality. These vacuum cleaners find application in industrial, commercial as well as household applications.

  • Customized ducting as per requirement
  • Easy handling
  • Wet & dry options
  • High storage
  • Cyclonic filter
  • Continuous running
  • Portable/compact unit optional
  • Maintenance free blower

Model C15 C30 C260 C360
Power 1000 W 1000 W 2000 W 3000 W
Air Flow (Ltr/Sec.) 48 53 106 120
Tank (Ltrs) 15 30 60 60
No. of Motors 1 1 2 2
Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

Upholstery Cleaner

Our range of upholstery cleaners is reliable, prompt, safe and economical. Dust settles on upholstered furniture just as on hard surfaces and should be removed regularly. Our exclusive technologies ensures highly efficient and effective upholstery cleaners that provide desired cleaning in least possible time.
The upholstery nozzle remove dust and collect properly. We have upholstery cleaners for industrial, commercial and household applications.

  • Stainless steel spring
  • Stainless steel ball
  • Brass retainer
  • Roll formed threads
  • Precision reamed chamber for the ball and spring
  • Machined seat for the stainless steel ball to exacting tolerances
  • Zinc chromate plating
  • Simple to use
  • Saves money
  • Perfect for racing where brake fluid is changed frequently
  • Available for automobiles, motorcycles and trucks and any vehicle

Model CT 370-2 CT 470-2
Power 1200 W 1200 W
Air Flow (Ltr./Sec.) 40 40
Tank (Ltrs) 15 27
Upholstery Cleaner

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

Car Washing Lifts

Car Washing Lift
Hydraulic Hoists are designed to offer maximum reliability and flexibility. The Hoists are designed to lift safely and efficiently all types of passenger cars and commercial vehicles for carrying out the tasks of washing, lubrication, maintenance and repairs.

Features Hydraulic Hoist
  • Plungers are of high grade steel manufactured to close tolerance with hard chrome plating for high wear resistance and good finish
  • Outer cylinder coated with Fiber Reinforced Plastic protecting it against corrosion (optional)
  • Uniquely designed wiper rings pievent entry of water and dust into the Hoist cylinder
  • Gland rings used in the plungers are designed for enhanced performance
  • Heavy duty rigid ramps accommodate a wide range of vehicles of varying size and type
Technical Features
  • Capacity (Tons) : 4
  • No. of Posts : 1
  • Plunger Diameter (M) : 270
  • Operating Pressure (Kg/cm2) : 9 to 12
  • Lifting Height (mm) : 1500
  • Ramp Length front (mm) : 3636
  • Ramp Length rear (mm) : -
  • Ramp Width (mm) : 700
  • Oil fill Capacity (Ltrs) : 150
(Also Available in 6 Ton & 12 Ton)

Car Washing Lifts - Car Washser

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

Car Washer

We manufacture and supply robust and high-pressure car washers in various advanced design models. These car washers have twin piston reciprocating pump, making them ideal to use at service stations, automobile workshops, railway yards, transport depots, hotels, etc. Besides car washing, these car washers can also be used in other household washing applications, specially in hotels, clubs, etc. These car washers are offered in various technical specifications of discharge LPM, delivery per gun , working pressure , type of drive , RPM , motor power etc.

  • Four times the normal pressure
  • Fan spray jet of water covering larger surface area
  • Effective and thorough cleaning
  • Higher cleaning efficiency in over 50% less time
  • Vibration free operation
  • Less water consumption
  • Long service life
Car Washer Single Cylinder
  • Working Pressure : 200 PSI
  • Discharge : 290 Galons / Hr.
  • Motor Required : 2 HP
  • No of Guns : 1 (One)
  • Pump RPM : 230 RPM
  • Motor RPM : 1440 RPM
Car Washer Single Cylinder 250 PSI
  • Working Pressure : 250 PSI
  • Discharge : 290 Galons / Hr
  • Motor Required : 2 HP
  • No of Guns : 1 (One)
  • Pump RPM : 230 RPM
  • Motor RPM : 1440 RPM
Car Washer Double Cylinder
  • Working Pressure : 300 PSI
  • Discharge : 360 Galons / Hr
  • Motor Required : 3 HP
  • No of Guns : 1 (One)
  • Pump RPM : 275 RPM
  • Motor RPM : 1440 RPM
Car Washing Lifts

Digital Air Inflator - Air Compressor

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