We Samvit garage equipment offering all kind of 3D Wheel Alignment Products, Wheel Alignment, Car Washing Lift, Hydraulic Car Washing Lifts, Air Compressor, Tyre Changer, Wheel Balancer, Industrial Vacuum Cleaner, Industrial Car Washer etc.


3D Wheel Alignment

3D Wheel Alignment is a mechanism. It performs the most valuable wheel alignment on all types of cars. The machine is performed with the help of two cameras. It works to measure the wheels. The machine adjusts a variety of deferment angels. 3D wheel Alignment also influences tire position and movement of the car...


Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is an ingredient of automobile repairs. It consists of an alteration of the angles of wheels. The principle of the alteration is to decrease tier wear. However, it also ensures the vehicle journey is direct and accurate..


Car Washing Lift

Samvit Garage Equipments is a reckoned automobile enterprise. We occupied in delivering car washing lift to our patrons. However, our company develops into a reputed name among Car Washing Lift manufacturers in Gurgaon, Haryana. We have inventive ideas, and we make use of optimum quality raw materials.. .


Air Compressor

Air Compressor is an automatic device. It increases the pressure of a gas by decreasing its volume. However, it is known as a specific type of gas compressor. The device is similar to pumps. Therefore, it converts one energy to another form. That energy can be stored and used afterwards..


Tyre Changer

A Tyre Changer is a machine widely used in the automobile sector. It helps tier technicians get down and accumulate tiers with automobile wheels. Moreover, the tyre changer has all the essential machinery that helps to eliminate and restore the tier from the wheel..


Wheel Balancer

The alignment of the wheels should be proper. Wheel balancer always checks the heavy spot for any trouble. And also makes sure that the wheels are properly aligned. Some alignment issues are as follows: tire wear in full acceleration, making adrift in a straight path. Wandering in a straight also causes some alignment issues..

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Our company started its journey in the year 1989. It is an ongoing operation with advertising. We stepped into this trade and became the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of automobile garage equipment, diagnostic garage equipment, and pollution-checking equipment all around India. We export our devices to neighboring cities as well as neighboring countries.

Our company is located in Gurgaon, based in Haryana. However, we have been associated with the automobile segment for the last eight years. Garage and emission control equipment is our key items. We have the most qualified staff that helps in manufacturing and servicing our equipment. In addition, we have a trustworthy source of vendors that supply our raw materials. Therefore, we never compromise on the quality and purity of our devices.

We offer an unlimited range of devices for the forthcoming Automobile Workshop. Consequently, it is helpful for the upgrade of existing automobile workshops and PUC centers. We provide wheel service and repair equipment, lifting equipment, air compressors, vehicle fitness center equipment, car washing equipment, automobile workshop equipment, car vacuum cleaners, headlight beam alignment, car washing equipment, car wash garage equipment, hydraulic washing lift, wheel alignment, and 3D wheel alignment equipment.

Our philosophy is to produce simple equipment. Moreover, it is reasonable and sustainable in different ecological circumstances.


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